Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1 in 2 women suffers from sleep apnea

Scientists believe as many as 50 percent of all adult women suffer from this sleep disorder:


Researchers say IBD drug also good for depression

Infliximab is a biologic drug used to treat inflammatory bowel disease.  Researchers believe it's also appropriate to treat depression:


Can coconut oil fight tooth decay?

Irish researchers believe that coconut oil acts like an antibiotic:


Sunday, September 9, 2012

FDA gives initial nod to Humira for treat ulcerative colitis

It's been around to treat Crohn's disease for a few years.  An FDA advisory panel has indicated that Humira should go forward for agency approval to treat ulcerative colitis as well:


Scientists propose pig parasite to treat Crohn's disease

In a truly novel approach, researchers have proposed use of a pig parasite to treat moderate to severe cases of Crohn's disease:


New osteoporosis treatment

Researchers have discovered a new treatment for osteoporosis that blocks FSH:


Study links parasite to attempted suicides

It's a parasite most consider harmless.  But is it, really?