Friday, December 28, 2012

Scientists find connection between enzyme, aggresstive prostate cancer

While it might not fuel all cases of prostate cancer, researchers have linked an enzyme to certain aggressive forms of the disease:

Researchers propose new MRSA antibiotic

In studying MRSA, scientists have come up with a prototype that represents an entirely new type of antibiotics to fight MRSA:

Hynosis to treat IBS?

Swedish scientists suggest that hynosis could be an effective treatment for IBS sufferers:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sleep apnea creats more brain damage in women than in men

Here's the latest:

Breath test for colorectal screening

This new breath test has the potential to become a screening tool for colorectal cancer:

The latest on toxoplasmosis from cats

Researchers have figured out how toxoplasma affects the human brain:

Scientists identify hundreds of Crohn's genes

For once, a study that doesn't just generate a ton of useless data.  Scientists have identified more than 200 gene locations associated with Crohn's disease.  The potential practical implication is better and more personalized treatment for patients: